Dietary suplements targeting metabolic disorders

About 90% of metabolic disorders result from a bad lifestyle and a bad diet. How to strengthen your body and improve metabolism? Discover natural DuoLife supplements and improve your body’s health!

How can DuoLife supplements help in the fight against metabolic disorders?

Duolife supplements are 100% natural products that help improve metabolism. These products are recommended for people who have been diagnosed with metabolic disorders or abnormal levels of hormones. Which one is worth using?

DuoLife Day and Night Set

Duolife Day and Night Set is a set of supplements recommended to support psychomotoric activity of the body (during the day) and regeneration and neutralization of toxins (at night). It is a fully natural product, which works multi-directionally and comprehensively.

The supplement contains, among others:

  • Noni plant fruit (rich source of serotonin and melatonin)
  • Aloe vera (rich in enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals improving digestion)
  • Elder fruit (source of anthocyanins)
  • Sea- buckthorn (a rich source of beta-carotene and flavonoids)
  • Hawthorn (source of bioflavonoids)
  • Acerole (vitamin bomb)
  • Lucerne (high protein content)

DuoLife Day supports the work of the heart, regulates metabolism, helps to maintain the correct pH of the urinary tract and improves the regeneration and purification of the body from toxins. DuoLife Night helps to maintain proper cholesterol levels, protects the liver, supports the work of the digestive system, improves the functioning of the immune system and respiratory activity, improves the appearance of hair and skin, and slows down the aging of the body.

DuoLife ProSlimer

DuoLife ProSlimer is a natural dietary supplement to help combat overweight. The supplement stimulates metabolism, helps to reduce body fat and helps to maintain proper cholesterol level in the body.

The sensational DuoLife ProSlimer formula consists among others of extracts from Acai palm fruit, Goji berries, new barley, green coffee, as well as Asiatic Centella herb.

DuoLife ProSlimer prevents excessive weight gain, adds energy and accelerates metabolism in the human body. Thanks to this supplement you will get rid of excess water in the body and speed up the burning of fat tissue!

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