How does the cardiovascular system work? What can be done to strengthen it?

The cardiovascular system is a closed circuit in which blood circulates. Its main task is to transport substances through the body. How does the cardiovascular system work? What can be done to improve its work?

How does the cardiovascular system work?

The main function of the cardiovascular system is the distribution of substances – oxygen, nutrients, hormones, water and others. This system consists of heart and blood vessels, within which blood flows. How does the cardiovascular system work?

Blood vessels form a closed system of branching ducts transporting blood. The arteries lead blood from the heart to all body tissues. The veins, on the other hand, bring blood from the tissues to the heart. The so-called pulmonary circulation (small) allows to supply blood with oxygen, while the large circulation distributes oxidized blood to all cells of the body.

How does the cardiovascular system work? What can be done to improve its work?

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, we should lead a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced diet and physical activity are essential. This avoids serious diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis. What else can be done to prevent cardiovascular diseases?

A heart-friendly diet is a diet rich in potassium, selenium and manganese, among others. These elements reduce blood pressure. In order to enjoy health, vitamins C, D, E, B3 and B6 should also appear in the daily diet.

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