Vitamins for the skin – what is worth using?

On the cosmetics market there are many products that help to take care of a healthy look of skin, hair and nails. Unfortunately, even the best care from the outside is not enough if you don’t take care of the inner care. What vitamins should be used for the skin?

Vitamins for the skin – how to look attractive and healthy?

Skin care is based on providing the necessary nutrients. This can be done from the outside as well as from the inside. The most measurable effects are brought about by a two-track, complete care. If you notice that your skin is tired, grey or dry, your body may struggle with serious vitamin deficiencies. What to do in such a situation?

Vitamins for the skin – which of them are the most important?

Vitamins, which will help to keep your skin healthy and natural look, are above all:

  • A
  • E
  • C
  • Vitamins of group B
  • D

Thanks to them, the skin is less susceptible to discolouration and dryness. Regeneration is accelerated and your body’s immune system improves.

Vitamin A can be found in vegetables such as carrots, kale, peas, mangoes and apricots. Vitamin E can be found mainly in vegetable fats, olive nuts and whole-grain baked goods. Vitamin C is found in large quantities in rosehips, berries, citrus fruits and peppers.

The sources of B vitamins are mainly milk, yeast nuts, whole grains, poultry, liver, fatty fish and dairy products. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks, offal, milk and egg yolks, its best source is also…. a walk on a sunny day.

How to take care of healthy skin from the inside? What else can be done?

If you want to take care of your skin, hair and nails from the inside, try the supplements for beautiful skin – DuoLife Collagen! It is a 100% natural dietary supplement, whose main task is to slow down the aging processes in the body.

DuoLife Collagen strengthens the immune system and supports tissue regeneration processes. The preparation supports collagen synthesis, increases elasticity and hydration of the skin and helps to take care of hair and nails health.

In the composition of DuoLife Collagen can be found among others:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamins
  • flavonoids
  • silicon
  • potassium
  • marine collagen
  • chondroitin
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