What can I take to build my immune system

What can I take to build my immune system? If you often catch an infection, suffer from flu, sleep badly or get tired quickly, it means that your immunity is on a very low level. You can strengthen your immune system by providing many minerals and vitamins that we offer in our store.

What can I take to build my immune system? Why is it so important?

Have you got viruses or bacteria in your body? The immune system is responsible for their removal from your body. White blood cells – lymphocytes – primarily fight against the disease. They neutralize pathogenic microorganisms, due to the antibodies that they produce. If there are too few lymphocytes in the body, the organism is unable to fight viruses and bacteria, which at the moment are multiplying in countless numbers and give symptoms of cough, sneeze, high fever and headache. To prevent yourself from such a situation it is worth strengthening the immune system throughout the year. What can I take to build my immune system? By using DUOLIFE products you will help your immunity in providing the right ingredients that your body have lost in the past.

Weakened immune system – causes of lymphocyte depletion

The immune system gets full maturity at the age of 18 – 20 years. Unfortunately, with our age, the defensive capabilities of our body are decreasing, and the reason is probably the disappearance of the thymus, an organ in which our lymphocytes mature. Another reasons that affect our system unfavorably are unfortunately ourselves. Stress, rush, fatigue, overwork, overuse of antibiotics, hormonal drugs, steroids and stimulants are the worst enemies for our immune system, and we have to deal with them every day.

Do you have low resistance against viruses?

A sign that your immune system is not working properly are freuqent infections, such a cold caought up several times a year. Frequent urinary tract infections, skin diseases, sleep or menstrual cycles disturbances, long wound healing and popular herpes are further signs of low immunity. It is also worth paying attention to the condition of our skin, hair or nails because these are the first signs that will define our immune system.

What can I take to build my immune system? What Duolife products will support your fight against diseases?

Vitamin C

Called the “medicine for everything” affects the growth and efficiency of cells that will fight microorganisms in your body, it will also seal your blood cells so viruses and bacteria will have harder way to attack your body. Its amazing function is to overcome stress, so if your days are full of duties and stressful situations, use our product DuoLife Vita C, and it is more likely that the excess of stress will not affect your immune system.

Omega acids

These are the popular ingredients that are well known around the world, that we have in our product DuoLife Regen Oil Liquid Gold. Using this oil during the infection helps you to quickly get rid of microorganisms that cause the disease. It is worth remembering to take it also when we are not sick, because the omega acids contained in this product, strengthen our entire immune system. This way we create a natural shield that will protect us during the times, when we are the most vulnerable to infection.

What can I take to build my immune system? The answer to this question is not difficult

We offer DuoLife Medical Formula ProSelect, which will help build your immune system thanks to the many antioxidants. If free radicals attacked your body and they are responsible for the disease, we recommend using this product. Its prophylactic action will reduce or inhibit the formation of harmful radicals.

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