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DuoLife Beauty Care Chlorofil Body Scrub



DuoLife Beauty Care Chlorofil Body Scrub

Chlorofil Beauty Care is a new offer from DuoLife’s DuoLife Beauty Care series. The DuoLife Beauty Care series is known for its Duolife Liquid Formula products, enriched with a proprietary 24/7 Nutri-Formâ„¢ formula that maximises the effects of cosmetics. What are the properties of the Duolife body sugar scrub?

Sugar body scrub DuoLife Chlorofil Beauty Care is a cosmetic with versatile beneficial effects – the scrub improves blood circulation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and improves its elasticity. Chlorophyll contained in the scrub is an ingredient which has an antioxidant and detoxifying effect and delays skin aging. The scrub supports the regeneration of the body, soothes irritation, it also helps to remove dead skin cells. Try the detoxifying and oxygenating DuoLife Chlorofil Beauty Care body scrub and enjoy healthy skin, every day!

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