DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex

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DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex is a new dietary supplement from DuoLife line. The preparation can be used to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth. DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex adds density to hair and inhibits hair loss. It contains only natural plant extracts.

DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex contains extracts from black rice and cactus pear. These ingredients stimulate hair to grow. In DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex we also find amli fruit and grape seed extract, which nourish hair from the roots to the ends. Other ingredients of DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex are: puree from guava fruit, organic pea shoot extract, solubilized ceratin and extract from nettle leaves and field horsetail.

DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex is a product free of artificial preservatives, made from ecological and certified ingredients. This liquid dietary supplement works from within the body, effectively restoring and strengthening the hair structure. Stop hair loss and try DuoLife Ceratin Hair Complex!

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