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DuoLife Day and Night Beauty Care Toothpaste Set

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DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes are effective oral and dental care products. 98% of the toothpastes’ ingredients are natural products, and do not include silica, which destroys the natural coating of your teeth and can cause tooth decay. It has been replaced with liquid enamel, otherwise known as hydroxyapatite, which builds up your natural enamel layers and accelerates the remineralization process. DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes not only care for the protection of teeth and gums, but also guarantee an intense whitening effect. Thanks to adjusting the use of the toothpastes to your biological clock and circadian rhythm, you can care for your oral cavity much more effectively. Various processes that occur in your mouth during the day and at night require different care. That is why we have created separate toothpastes that work while you sleep and during an active day when a lot of meals are had. DuoLife Day Beauty Care toothpaste is the first step in helping protect your teeth for 24 hours. Perfectly selected ingredients allow you to start the day with fresh breath and provide intensive protection throughout the rest of your day. Coconut water is an important ingredient in the daytime toothpaste that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. The second step to ideal care for your teeth and gums is DuoLife Night Care Beauty toothpaste. Sleep is the best time for remineralizing damaged enamel, as well as for an intense whitening process that is enriched with active bamboo from the Moso tree. Amla extract, which increases the density of enamel, is also within the night toothpaste.

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