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SunVital Natural Kids Formula

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SunVital Natural Kids Formula

DuoLife Sunvital is the first product in the innovative DuoLife Kids Formula line for children over 6 years of age. The ingredients in the syrup are 100% natural and have a multidirectional effect, strengthening the child’s immunity. DuoLife Sunvital not only supports the immune system, but also strengthens the respiratory and vascular systems. The fruits contained in the syrup (blackberry, grapes, elderberry, briar) are a true vitamin bomb and a source of valuable minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, boron and calcium. The acerola fruits contained in DuoLife Sunvital are considered to be the richest source of vitamin C, and honey helps to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body and supports the immune system. The proper functioning of mucous membranes is aided by extract from pumpkin seeds and garlic in syrup, extract from the root of African geranium has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system, the work of the immune system is also supported by herb Maha-tikta (Andrographis paniculata).

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