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DuoLife Beauty Care Gift Box



DuoLife Beauty Care Gift Box

The DuoLife Beauty Care series is a new offer from DuoLife. Cosmetics from this line are a reproduction of products from Duolife Liquid Formula line, enriched with a proprietary 24/7 Nutri-Formâ„¢ formula. DuoLife Beauty Care products such as DuoLife Keratin Hair Complex Advanced Formula shampoo, DuoLife Beauty Care Shower Gel Aloe Vera and DuoLife Chlorophyll Beauty Care sugar body scrub use ingredients from nature and the latest scientific findings for optimal skin and hair nutrition.

Innovative DuoLife Beauty Care cosmetics can be given to your loved ones in a beautiful DuoLife Beauty Care gift bag. The bag will hold a DuoLife Beauty Care kit or several products packed separately. Its design, referring to the colour of DuoLife cosmetics packaging will give your gift a unique character. Give your loved one a beneficial skin and hair therapy in the form of DuoLife Beauty Care cosmetics, in an original setting!

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