DuoLife Beauty Care Vita C Hand


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DuoLife Beauty Care Vita C Hand

DuoLife Beauty Care Vita C hand cream is a new proposal from DuoLife. DuoLife Beauty Care series are cosmetics that use ingredients derived from nature and the latest scientific reports to optimally nourish skin and hair. This line of cosmetics is a replica of products from the Duolife Liquid Formula line, enriched with a proprietary 24/7 Nutri-Form™ formula.

DuoLife Beauty Care Vita C hand cream is recommended for people who want to take care of the health and condition of their hands. The cosmetic uses the beneficial and versatile effects of vitamins E, C and F. DuoLife Beauty Care Vita C hand cream is a true rejuvenating therapy for the hand skin – the cosmetic reduces the early signs of ageing of the hand skin and regenerates it. Thanks to the enrichment of Nutri-Form™ formula with shea butter, the hand cream soothes irritation as well as moisturises and smooths. Try DuoLife Vita C Beauty Care hand cream and enjoy beautiful and healthy skin, every day!

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