Strengthen your kid’s immunity – get to know DuoLife SunVital Natural Kids!

Natural medicine has long been used by our ancestors and is now returning to grace to improve our health. Get to know DuoLife’s 100% natural dietary supplements and enjoy your health and that of your loved ones! The latest DuoLife Sunvital product has been developed especially for the youngest!

Why is it worth trying DuoLife?

DuoLife products are natural dietary supplements, the formation of which is supervised by world-renowned biologists and doctors. The company was founded in Poland, but its products are now international in scope! Duolife offers products that stimulate the immune system, support correct functioning of the nervous system, remove toxins from the body and help to solve problems related to the cardiovascular system. One of the first products from the innovative DuoLife Kids Formula line is syrup for children over 6 years old – DuoLife Sunvital!

What is DuoLife Sunvital?

DuoLife Sunvital is the first product in the innovative DuoLife Kids Formula line. The ingredients in the syrup are 100% natural and have a multidirectional effect, strengthening the child’s immunity. DuoLife Sunvital supports the immune system and strengthens the child’s respiratory and vascular systems. The fruits contained in the syrup (blackberry, grapes, elderberry, briar) are a true vitamin bomb and a source of valuable minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, boron and calcium.

What does DuoLife Sunvital syrup contain?

DuoLife Sunvital contains, among others, acerola, which is considered to be the richest source of vitamin C and honey in the world. In this way, the syrup naturally helps to increase antioxidant abilities of the body and strengthens the immune system.  The composition of the syrup is completed with extract from pumpkin seeds, garlic, Maha-tikta herb and extract from the root of African geranium, which have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system and the work of the immune system.

Who are the Duolife products dedicated to?

Duolife products are recommended by physicians to people suffering from various diseases and ailments, as well as to those who care about prevention. Be healthy and take care of your body! Regular exercise and avoiding stress are sometimes not enough. In order to enjoy full health and vitality, it is necessary to restore biological harmony in the body and support its individual systems. That’s why DuoLife has developed its supplements!

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